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Our Wreath Supplies are perfect for wreath making, craft projects, home decor, gift giving, party supplies and more! We offer a large selection of wreath making items, including wired ribbon, signs, deco mesh, tubing, frames, forms, ornaments, picks, sprays, painted shapes, unfinished wood shapes, wreath kits and more.  Buy a little or in bulk at everyday wholesale prices.  With our supplies, you can decorate a wreath, hang a sign in your home, gift a sign to a friend, adorn presents with bows made from our wired ribbon, paint shapes with the kids, use deco mesh, picks, and sprays for a party.  The crafting possibilities are truly endless!  Don’t forget to check back often, as our unique collection of wreath supplies are ever changing and expanding.  Whether you are making a wreath, other craft project, decorating for the holiday, or need a gift for that special person, Sports Wreath Shop has got what you need!