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Deco Mesh is an extremely flexible product and is a staple in a crafter’s toolchest.  Use deco mesh to make wreaths, swags, garlands, bows and mailbox saddles.  It’s beautiful on Christmas trees and is great to wrap gifts.  Deco mesh is also wonderful for party decorations as you can decorate tables, chairs, backdrops and anywhere you need a pop of color.

We sell 3 types of mesh:

Poly Deco Mesh
Poly deco mesh is a plastic mesh made of weather resistant polypropylene.

Fabric Mesh
Fabric Mesh is made of weather resistant faux jute and polypropylene.  It is stronger than poly deco mesh.  We think it is also easier to work with than poly deco mesh.

Burlap Mesh
Burlap mesh is weather resistant and is made of fibers similar to woven burlap.

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