March madness basketball appetizer

March Madness Basketball Appetizer

If you can make cake pops, then you can make these cute little pizza-stuffed basketballs for your March Madness gathering. These “slam dunk” bite-size calzones are easy to make using a cake pop pan and a few pizza ingredients you might already have in your fridge.

6 snack stadiums worth cheering for

6 Snack Stadiums Worth Cheering For

Why eat nachos, pigs in a blanket, and other game-day fare off a platter when you can do it bigger, better, and artfully arranged to look like a billion-dollar stadium? The idea isn’t super new, but the setups are getting more and more impressive.

Ultimate Game Day Nacho Guide

The Ultimate Game Day Nacho Guide

I love setting up Nacho Bars at parties!  They are super easy to put together and guests of all ages seem to enjoy building their own creations.  The fun part – what toppings to offer on your Nacho Bar?  To answer this question, I’ve put together a compilation of my favorite recipes from Pinterest for the Ultimate Game Day Nacho Guide.

Easy football party food ideas Chili

5 Easy Football Party Food Ideas

There are so many fun and easy football party food ideas on Pinterest that I think I’d need decades just to make them all.  Even choosing which ones to make is tough since I LOVE TO EAT and they all look good!  If it had to narrow it down, here are my top 5 favorite finds that are fast, easy and budget friendly!

Easy Football Tailgate Treats

Easy Football Tailgate Treats

With my busy schedule, I’m always looking for easy and inexpensive items I can take to parties that are still fun and unique.  Here’s a list of items I found on Pinterest that hit the mark for me and could be customized for any team.