What Supplies Do I Need to Make A Wreath – 3 Easy Steps

Are you new to wreath making and not quite sure where to start? Have you asked others, “What Supplies Do I Need to Make a Wreath?” The quantity of information on the subject of wreath making can be overwhelming to say the least. Thus, we’ve developed a simplified picture guide to show you how to get started in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Choose a Wreath Frame

12” Black Wire Wreath Frame

Round Metal Frame

17” Easter Bunny Wreath Frame - Value Series

Shaped Metal Frame

Blue Wire Wreath Form

Attached Ties Frame

14” Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine Frame

The base of your wreath sets the tone for your entire project.  Wreath frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The most commonly used frames include round metal wreath frames, shaped metal frames, metal frames with attached ties and grapevine frames.

The type of frame you choose to make your wreath dictates how you attached items to the wreath base. For example, a common way to attached wreath accessories to metal frames are with pipe cleaners or zip ties. Many people attached wreath supplies to grapevine frames with a glue gun.

Our favorite wreath base to use at the Sports Wreath Shop is a metal frame with attached ties. We use the attached ties to secure items to the wreath. The attached ties also add a decorative touch and an additional pop of color.

Step 2: Pick out your Deco Mesh

Royal Blue Deco Mesh

Poly Deco Mesh

Blue White Fabric Mesh

Fabric Mesh

Poly Burlap Mesh

Burlap Mesh

Next, you need to choose a colorful mesh to attach to your wreath base. The deco mesh serves as a really nice base layer to which you attach other wreath elements.

The most common types of mesh are poly deco mesh, fabric mesh and burlap mesh. The type of mesh you choose is personal preference, but we find that the higher the price, the easier the mesh is to cut and attach.

Poly deco mesh is a plastic mesh made of weather resistant polypropylene. Fabric Mesh is made of weather resistant faux jute and polypropylene. It is stronger than poly deco mesh and our favorite here at Sports Wreath Shop. Burlap mesh is weather resistant and is made of fibers similar to woven burlap.

Step 3: Add Signs, Ribbon, Ornaments, Attachments and Picks

Gone Fishing Metal Sign
2.5”x10yds Crimson Ric Rac Ribbon
Blue Orange Football Ornament
Gingerbread Wreath Attachment Kit XC6092
Wildflower Bush

Now here comes the fun part! The best part of wreath making is selecting those finishing touches that reflect your personal style.  Popular ways to decorate a wreath include signs, ribbon, ornaments, attachments and picks.


So to answer the question, “What Supplies Do I Need to Make A Wreath?”. It’s pretty much whatever you want. No matter what wreath supplies you choose, there is no right or wrong way to make a wreath. Want more information on wreath making? Check out our article What Supplies Do I Need to Make a 24 Inch Deco Mesh Wreath?