What Supplies Do I Need to Make a 24 Inch Deco Mesh Wreath?

Are you new to wreath making and not quite sure where to start? Have you asked others, “What Supplies Do I Need to Make a 24 Inch Deco Mesh Wreath?” The quantity of information on the subject can be overwhelming to say the least. Thus, we’ve developed a simplified picture guide to show you how to get started.

Table of Contents – What Supplies Do I Need to Make a 24 Inch Deco Mesh Wreath?

Wreath Frame

Blue Wire Wreath Form

You will need 1 (one) 15-24″ wreath form. We prefer to use wreath frames that have attached pencil tinsel ties, as pictured above. The tinsel ties make it easy to add deco mesh and ribbon. In addition, the tinsel ties and color and decoration.

Deco Mesh

Red Deco Mesh
Royal Blue Deco Mesh

You will need 2 (two) rolls of 10″ mesh. We prefer to use metallic deco mesh (as pictured above) or fabric mesh.

Wired Ribbon

2.5" Red and White Polka Dot Ribbon
2.5”x10yds Blue Football Stripe Ribbon
Red White Blue Ric Rac Ribbon
Football Laces Ribbon

We like to use a total of 4 (four) different types of wired ribbon. We use 2 (two) rols of 2.5″ ribbon and 2 (two) rolls of 1.5″ ribbon. You won’t use the entire roll of ribbon which is great to help save money for another wreath.

Wreath Sign

Tennessee Titans Metal Sign

When it comes to wreath signs, we prefer 12″ round metal signs. They block the hole in the frame and are easy to attach with craft wire, pipe cleaners or zip ties.

Wreath Picks and Ornaments

Blue Football Pick
Red White Football Ornament
16” Glitter Red Curly Pick
5” Blue White Football Helmet Ornament

There are so many ways to customize your wreath with picks, sprays, ornaments, tubing and more. Pictured above are some ideas to get you started.


In summary, when you wonder, “What Supplies Do I Need to Make a 24 Inch Deco Mesh Wreath?”, there really is no right or wrong answer. The above is our favorite recipe, but the creative possibilites are endless. The important part is to just have fun! Need more information on wreath making? Check out our article What Supplies Do I Need to Make A Wreath – 3 Easy Steps?