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Our Seattle Sounders Wreath Supplies are perfect for wreath making, craft projects, home decor, gift giving, party supplies, tailgate parties, weddings and more!  With our wreath materials, you can decorate a wreath, hang a sign in your home, gift a sign to a special fan, adorn presents with bows made from our wired ribbon, use deco mesh and signs as party decorations or make a floral arrangement using our picks and sprays.  The crafting possibilities are truly endless!

Our MLS Seattle Sounders collection includes wired ribbon, signs, deco mesh, tubing, wreath frames, wreath forms, ornaments, picks, sprays, painted shapes, unfinished wood shapes, wreath kits and more.  We’ve got tons of Seattle Sounders ribbon, soccer signs and color coordinating deco mesh and accessories.

Buy a little or buy in bulk at everyday wholesale prices.  We only sell high quality supplies, process your order within 1-2 business days from order placement and package your items with care.  Don’t forget to check back often, as our unique collection of craft supplies are ever changing and expanding.  No matter what your taste, Sports Wreath Shop has tons of wreath accessories to help you cheer on the Sounders!