Game Day Breakfast Tailgate Ideas

Game Day Breakfast Tailgate Ideas

If you’re heading out to an early game, why not plan a tailgate party using breakfast food and mimosas?  Here’s a list of my favorite quick, easy and portable Game Day Breakfast Tailgate Ideas that are sure to please!

Eggs: Cheesy Wonton Breakfast Cups

Game Day Breakfast Tailgate Ideas
Yum!  Eggs, sausage, spinach and cheese on wonton wrappers.
10 minute prep, 25 minutes cook time.
The Gourmet RD

Bacon: Candied Smoked Chipotle Bacon

Bacon threaded on skewers, dipped in brown sugar and cinnamon.  Who wouldn’t love this one?
The Tasty Bite

Sausage:  Sausage & Hash Brown Balls

Sausage Balls
Your typical sausage ball recipe, but with hash browns!
5 minutes prep, 20 minutes cook time
Plain Chicken

Waffles: Mini Chicken and Waffles

I’ve shared this recipe before, and it never gets old!  As Mary states, “Buy some Eggo Minis and drive thru Chick-fil-A and order some nuggets”.  Layer and include a side of maple syrup for dipping sauce.
Home is Where the Boat Is

Fruit: Fruit & Doughnut Skewers

Aren’t these fun and easy?  Skewers with fresh fruit and doughnut holes.

Pancakes: Blueberry Pancake Bites

Not only do these look great, but you can make them ahead of time.  Pancake mix and blueberries cooked in mini muffin tins.
Honey and Lime

Sweets: Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

Cinnamon Rolls
I LOVE Grands with Cinnabon icing, so this one really caught my eye.  Cut each roll into 4 pieces, bake them in cupcake tins and drizzle with the included icing.  It’s that easy!

Bread: Sausage & Cheese Bread

This looks absolutely wonderful and is another make ahead dish.
A Southern Soul

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Game Day Breakfast Tailgate Ideas!
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