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How to Extend the Life of a Wreath?

How to Extend the Life of a Wreath:  Placement, Storage and Maintenance

I often get asked how to extend the life of a wreath.  Here’s a quick list of placement, storage and maintenance tips to keep your wreath looking it’s best.


If using your wreath outdoors, be sure to hang it in a location that is protected, like a front porch with an overhang or a covered back porch.  Excessive exposure to the elements will fade the ribbon or worse yet, destroy your wreath.  If really bad wind and rain is forecast – you know, the tornado kind – I  bring my wreath indoors for the night.


I love to change up my wreaths so that they correspond with the holidays and seasons.  So when I rotate, I store the outgoing wreath in the cardboard shipping box it came in.  This protects it from dust and other unwanted items.  If you don’t have that kind of space – or you already threw out the original shipping box – just put your wreath in a black plastic trash bag and secure it at the top.  Store your wreath in the horizontal position in a climate controlled place.  Excessive attic heat will loosen the glue of any wreath embellishments.  Also, avoid setting anything else on top of the wreath, as once the mesh gets squished, it doesn’t bounce back.


To keep your wreath looking nice, it will need some light maintenance each season. Give the ribbons a quick fluff and use a dry, soft micro-fiber cloth to wipe down the ribbons and embellishments. If your storage method was not kind to your wreath and it’s really dusty, use a hair dryer on cool setting to remove any debris.

When cleaning your wreath, be very gentle!  Deco mesh is a wonderful material, but it also frays very easily.  Excessive pulling on the mesh will result in extra, unappealing “stings”.  Just give these a quick cut to restore your wreath back to new.

I hope you enjoy your wreath and it brings you many years of happiness and memories!